What's New in Performance Center 12.53

This section provides an overview of the features that were introduced or enhanced in HPE ALM Performance Center 12.53. For details on using HPE ALM Performance Center, refer to the HPE ALM Performance Center Guide.

Tip: For what's new in ALM 12.53, see What's New in ALM 12.53.

Performance Center Administration Dashboard

The dashboard displays usage reports and graphs for a single or multiple projects in a flexible, Web-based user interface. For details, see Usage Reports Overview.

Network Virtualization Insights Report

The NV Insights report analyzes and compares application behavior over various networks. It identifies problematic transactions, uncovers their root causes, and offers optimization recommendations for application improvements. For details, see NV Insights Report.

Online Graph Enhancements

Interactive online graphs with enhanced usability and the ability of merging several graphs into one. For details, see Performance Test Run Page.

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Service Virtualization Integration Enhancements

Improved the Service Virtualization dialog box for configuring services before the test run. For details, see Service Virtualization Dialog Box.

PAL Data Set Creation Enhancements

Enhanced usability and added the ability to define time range using the Scheduler Assistant graph. This graph samples your log to help you identify peak time range. For details, see PAL Data Set Creator Wizard.

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VuGen Enhancements

  • Integration with Git
  • REST API editor, enabling you to create and test REST API steps in scripts.
  • Improved support for instant traffic capture files.
  • Ability to check script compatibility for Linux.
  • New comparison and merging tool.
  • Optional data collection program, compiling VuGen usage analytics to help improve VuGen quality.

  • Improved VuGen GUI, including new Start page, and revamped Tools > Options dialog box.

  • Multiple usability improvements.

For details, see What's New in LoadRunner 12.53.

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Analysis Enhancements

  • Improved Analysis GUI, including new look for the HTML report.
  • Analysis Summary report includes breakdown per location.
  • Additional graph displaying number of bytes sent for each URL.

For details, see What's New in LoadRunner 12.53.

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Help Center Enhancements

Help Center is now available on the Web, providing easier access and more up-to-date user assistance. By default, all the Performance Center help buttons open the online help. To use the local Help Center, if your organization does not allow internet access, open ALM Site Administration and set the site configuration parameter USE_LOCAL_HELP to ‘Y’. For details, see Setting ALM Help Center.

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